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                             CUSTOMS CLEARANCE BROKERAGE                                                 

With a very active team and having over 30 years of experience, we are devoting to offer the best services for prompt customs clearance and forwarding of any consignment at any customs point in Tunisia 
• Ability to obtain requested documentation and licenses 
• Relations with Various administration (Veterinary, phytosanitary etc.) 
• Assistance and supervision Road Transport 
• Arrangement of inspections and Custom Visits 

Providing Industrial Solution 
As a Licensed Customs Agent since 1985, Arab Transit Agency provides all types of customs clearance operations and offers wide range of services and assistance to simplify customs procedures. ATA team will facilitate the smooth and timely movement of your cargo through the current and future government reporting requirements.


With our very long custom expeirence, we are able to study your marchandise and advise with the right and appropriate tariff to use

Using state of the ART systems and Procedures to simplify custom declaration, we give special attention to archiving your files.

A dedicated team to the Bulk and project cargo industry provides solutions when dealing with critical & urgent imports cargos problematic.                      
A devoted & competent team is capable to face all the challenges thanks to their experience and know-how in industrial equipement  .

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